Staying Healthy As You Age: 5 Steps to Look and Feel Your Best

Concerned about the side effects of aging? Want to look and feel your best until late in life? Then it's time to tweak your diet and make health a priority. Aging is a normal process.

Our Business Philosophy & Why an Agency Versus A Private Caregiver

At About Care Home Care, we try to be as inexpensive as possible but we can't control government required increases such as overtime, minimum wage and paid time off that have all been put into effect in the last few years!

Marketing Agency Vs Care Agency

A new prospective client recently stated I need an agency that will not just send someone out to read to us! Funny as that sounds for a couple that really needs help, it is true of what one agency provided. They were incapable of providing real care because like many, they probably hired off the street, trained with some videos or one day in class and sent these poor unprepared new hires out to perform care.

Keeping Your Brain Active

What are some of your biggest fears about aging and getting older? Losing your memory is ranked as the top thing people are most worried about as they age. I mean really, you use your memory to do everything all day long right? 

In-Home Care or Assisted Living

Many seniors and the children of seniors are faced with hard and emotional decision of needing help for themselves or their parents. In many cases this means looking at in-home care or going into an assisted living facility. Each have their pluses and minus.

What Does Home Care Cost

Private caregivers may be great caregivers but you will run the risk of having no protection for theft or damage or if they get hurt in your home.  Agencies that use Independent contractors often can cost less because they don’t have the expense of payroll, taxes and unemployment insurance.

Home Care Is A Solution Not An End

Since we opened About Care Home Care in 2009, I have been operating a non-medical Home Care agency and have noted that many seniors want nothing to do with Home Care until they have no choice. Often, we are viewed as the last step before that final sleep.

We are there to help the Family Caregiver

Often when I am invited to do intake in a home it is with the spouse or daughter/son of the person I am meeting with. On many of these occasions, we are meeting because after taking care of their parent, aunt, uncle grandparent or even friend it has all become too overwhelming.

Elder Care, Senior Care & Home Care

Elder Care, Senior Care & Home Care are essentially the same things! The difference is that Home Care can be provided to many others who may have debilitating conditions other than those that are age-related.

How A Caregiver Can Help A Senior On A Typical Day

When people hear the word caregiving or caregiver, the first thing that comes to their mind is someone who just looks after seniors; and to most people, this means that the caregiver is most likely looking after a bed-ridden patient and just changing diapers.
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