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2019 Senior Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for holiday gifts for a loved one can be hard, especially if your loved one is a senior with declining memory and ability.

Whether you are looking for an elaborate and thoughtful gift or just something extra last-minute, we’ve created a list of the best gifts for any senior on your list.

Nostalgic and Personalized

  • Joy for All companion pets – Give your loved one a friend without the added responsibility of needing to take care of a pet. These life-like robotic cats and dogs are soft and cuddly and respond like a real pet when hugged or petted by purring, meowing and moving.
  • Reminisce Magazine by Reader’s Digest – This is a magazine written by seniors for seniors! It covers stories about events, cars, fashion, pop culture and more from the 40s-70s, so your loved one will be able to remember and think back to different times in their life.
  • Custom Photo Calendar or Puzzle – There is a bunch of different gifts you can get personalized, but our favorites are calendars and puzzles. A calendar is an easy way for your loved one to keep track of the dates to decrease confusion and help your senior stay oriented. Puzzles work their brains and give them something to do, plus they get to make an image that they enjoy, such as a photo of their grandchildren.

To Give Them Something To Do

  • Word searches – Word searches help keep your senior’s brain active and working while giving them something to pass the time. This particular one has large print and no diagonal hidden words, perfect for seniors.
  • Games for the whole family – This is a double gift for your senior because you can give them a physical present in the form of a board game, and you can give them a promise of more quality family time so you can all get together to play the game.
  • A tablet – Tablets have larger screens than phones but have great capabilities to keep your loved one entertained. They can video call family members, watch TV shows, read or play games on different apps.

Cool Tech Gifts

  • Amazon Echo – The Amazon Echo gives your loved one someone to talk to, which can prevent social isolation and loneliness. It will instantly answer questions like “what day is it?” or “what’s the weather outside?”- plus it can look up information and play music. The Echo can also be programmed to call you or another family member with a voice command in the event of a fall or other medical emergency.
  • Robotic Vacuum – If your loved one is getting less mobile and active, cleaning their home has probably become a difficult and often pushed-aside task. A robotic vacuum can clean the floors as effectively as a regular vacuum- without any of the work on your senior’s part. The robot we linked can also be controlled by the Amazon Echo.
  • Tile Trackers – As adults get older, they tend to get more forgetful. These Tile devices can attach to any items that your loved one commonly misplaces, such as their wallet or keys, and can be located through the Tile mobile phone app.

Make Life Easier

  • Adaptive clothing – Specialized clothing can make life a lot easier for someone with arthritis, Alzheimer’s, limited mobility, incontinence and more. Some of our favorite adaptive brands include Buck & Buck, Alium and Silvert’s.
  • 4-wheel rollator walker with seat and back support – This upgraded walker is perfect for your senior with limited mobility or troubles walking. It has wheels to navigate over uneven terrain, a storage basket and a seat for rest breaks.
  • ComfiLife Gel & Memory Foam Seat Cushion – This is a padded seat cushion for your loved one to use anywhere they sit for a long period of time. It supports the tailbone and relieves pressure and lower back pain, as well as reduces the risk of pressure sores.
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