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Assisted Living Placements Explained

I recently completed an assessment tool for a placement agency. I purposely checked each item that indicates no care is needed at this time. But guess what I apparently need to move into Independent or Assisted living. Amazing! If you can feed yourself, remember your medications and take care of your personal needs chances are you don’t need us or anywhere but your comfortable chair. Be aware of huge monies being paid for placements! Usually 1-month rent. So if it costs $4000 a month then that amount will be paid to the placement company! The problem might be the high-pressure sale pitch due to commissions larger than car sales! This trend will be increasing as there are many new properties being built in the east valley! They are going to need to be filled and the owners will be pushing to have that happen quickly as they should. Not wanting to be a hypocrite, this happens in Home Care also. Some companies even charge agencies $350 per referral. We don’t pay for referrals. Please share to those looking at Independent or Assisted living.  Does not mean the place being referred to is bad nor the placement agency. A lot of good caring people are doing placements. Pick carefully and just understand how it all works. You don’t buy a house or a car unless you educate yourself-correct? The same thing applies here! You can stay in the comfort of your own home for less than Independent/Assisted living. Call us and ask how (480) 999-7000.

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