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Elder Care, Senior Care & Home Care

Elder Care, Senior Care & Home Care are essentially the same things! The difference is that Home Care can be provided to many others who may have debilitating conditions other than those that are age-related.

In-Home Care

Why the term Elder Care or Senior Care than? It’s because we are really taking care of the senior or the elderly person rather than the home. Although I do not believe many seniors like the term elder care! We have started using the term In-home Care which is a better description of what we do!

In-Home Care can be for anyone who needs help with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Many times, we are helping those who have developed dementia or Alzheimer’s but also just helping those that need that little extra help day to day. Others who often need assistance are cancer patients, someone on hospice or those who have advanced MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). ADLs are those activities we all do day to day. These can be things like cooking, laundry, dusting, sweeping and mopping. It can also include shopping and transportation to appointments. Within in-home care, elder care or senior care we also do personal care. Se our website and the services/rates page for a more thorough listing.

Personal care is care such as assistance in showering, giving bed bath, nail care, combing hair, shaving, oral care & dressing. It can also include turning a client to avoid bed sores, changing adult briefs and bedding for comfort respect and to also prevent sores developing. A big part is fall prevention. We do this from just being near our client to using a gate belt and helping to support our clients. Falls can be traumatic for seniors. Often it can mean hospitalization followed by weeks of rehab or in some cases even death. At About Care Home Care all our caregivers have years of experience and are certified. This plus our continued emphasis helps to ensure fall risk is minimized.

As you can see although Elder care, Senior Care or Home Care may be much the same there are differences in levels of care and who we may be providing the great About Care Home Care to.

Call today so we can provide you or your love ones with our great care through are experienced screened insured caregivers!

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