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Keeping Your Brain Active

What are some of your biggest fears about aging and getting older? Losing your memory is ranked as the top thing people are most worried about as they age. I mean really, you use your memory to do everything all day long right?  Where did I park my car? What are my grandchildren’s names? What time do I take my medicine? What time is wheel of fortune on? Remember that day I proposed?

The stories we tell our friends and family and memories that we have made make up the person we are today and forgetting where you parked your car affects your normal daily routine. The good news is that science has found that even at an older age, your brain can stimulate new cell growth when different activities are performed that is out of your normal routine. This means that doing things like brain teasers, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or learning something new, all stimulate brain growth. It is like exercise for your brain. And exercise, as we know, enhances longevity.

Listed here are a few things we can do to in our daily lives to stimulate brain growth.

  • Reading book expands your decision-making skills
  • Help the grandkids with their homework. It stimulates both of your brains and gives you the opportunity to spend time with them
  • Cooking is a great way to relax, get off the couch, and use your brain to measure, plan, and focus
  • Gin Rummy teaches problem solving skills
  • Learn a new skill like eating with chopsticks
  • Write in your journal. Not only is this good for your brain, it gives you something to pass on to future generations
  • Listening to music uses both sides of the brain at the same time and increases self esteem
  • Laughing stimulates 5 parts of the brain at the same time. So Laugh!
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