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Our Business Philosophy & Why an Agency Versus A Private Caregiver

At About Care Home Care, we try to be as inexpensive as possible but we can’t control government required increases such as overtime, minimum wage and paid time off that have all been put into effect in the last few years! It’s not that we are against better benefits & pay for caregivers. In fact, we have always paid above average while taking a lower margin for us as owners. But the fact is these increases must be passed on to our clients. These mandated or voted in government rules increase costs for all senior care whether In-home or Assisted Living.

Agency Vs Private Caregiver

In fact, being a reputable legal In-home care agency causes us to balance between what we can charge clients and how much we can pay caregivers. We understand the push by some to pay a higher wage, but who is going to pay for it. This is always left out of the argument. Those who use Private Caregivers do not normally pay social security. Medicare, unemployment, liability insurance or workers comp. They don’t have office staff, rent or marketing costs. They run the risk of accidents or other legal issues in their homes. With an agency, we reduce or eliminate those risks by paying these taxes and insurance but by also in-depth screening honed over years of experience and a professional HR background in our case! Plus, we do thorough national background and reference checks so you don’t have too! We do all of this and then keep our owners profit low so we can keep our pricing affordable for as many as possible!

Plan Ahead

We do this because we believe this how a home care business should be run. We know there is no current support or help for seniors that are above the poverty level. Not even a tax benefit unless taken as a medical deduction. Not even for vets! I hope because of the large baby boomer population that much more discussion at the state and national level will be happening in the future. For now, be aware and plan!

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