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What Does Home Care Cost

Private caregivers may be great caregivers but you will run the risk of having no protection for theft or damage or if they get hurt in your home.  Agencies that use Independent contractors often can cost less because they don’t have the expense of payroll, taxes and unemployment insurance. The issue for you, the consumer, would be the government has been looking at this model carefully and you could be held as the employer making you responsible for all payroll taxes. You also should validate all insurances are in fact being carried.  This is why we changed from that model and went to full employment.

All our caregivers are employees. We pay the caregivers salary but we also pay for Insurance, Workers Compensation, payroll taxes such as employer matching Medicare and Medicaid. This can add another 20% to the cost of each caregiver we provide. Then we must pay for office space and office staff and everything else such as office equipment and phone service. So, at the $21 an hour we charge on average and our caregiver being paid well above minimum wage there is not a lot of profit left. Even then we must use a lot of that profit in some marketing to get recognized above many competitors in Arizona.

At About Care Home Care all our fees are transparent. We list them on our website. We don’t charge for extras like showers, weekends or mileage. Many other agencies do. In fact, many will only quote you a range when you call for pricing. Even then that range may not include all possible extra charges.
Why don’t we charge above $25? It’s because we know how hard it is to afford each dollar. Since 2009 we have always been about care and not high profits. We pay our caregivers above average also. This helps to ensure you always get a great experienced caregiver and great care!

So how much can you save by hiring About Care Home Care? If you used 20 hours of care a week you would save $80 per week or $4160 a year versus another agency charging $25 per hour. Just as good or better care, Insured and safe!

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