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Home Care Is A Solution Not An End

Since we opened About Care Home Care in 2009, I have been operating a non-medical Home Care agency and have noted that many seniors want nothing to do with Home Care until they have no choice. Often, we are viewed as the last step before that final sleep.

The shame of that is in my experience I have seen many of our clients improve and enjoy a higher quality of life due to the attention of dedicated caregivers. Often, we are called in far too late and could have helped the client and the family by providing help to both much earlier!

With our care:

  • Medications are taken regularly and when required
  • Clients are hydrated which is critical in the desert
  • Food is fresh and can be matched to dietary requirements
  • Doctor appointments are made
  • This and the prevention of falls, which can be the single biggest cause of serious injury to seniors

In a lot of cases just having companionship can vastly improve how our client’s live day to day. We can assist in dementia/alzhiemers care as most of our caregivers have proven experience in both. But even if you need us to do a little respite care this can go a long way to help a family caregiver to recoup some energy!

Yes, I know In-Home care costs money. But this often comes down to a budget issue. Maybe family can help. Maybe finances can be moved around. The funniest thing I see is a parent reluctant to spend money on themselves so their children can inherit. I’m fine for my kids to have whatever Ronnie and I leave behind but until we go its ours to use as we need to ensure our quality of life is the best it can be and my kids know it!

We can help most clients to live fulfilled and healthy lives with just 12 to 20 hours of care a week. At our $21 an hour rate this means a max of $420 a week. This is cheaper than Assisted Living and for many who want to stay in their own home, far more comfortable!  With About Care Home Care you get certified caregivers with many years of experience. All our employees are covered by insurance, workers comp and unemployment. Hiring a private caregiver might be slightly cheaper but you run the risk of injury or loss in your home. You could even be called out as the employer by the IRS or state government and subject to unemployment and other taxes. Before hiring a private caregiver review with you accountant.

Home care can be that solution to a higher quality of life and to remain in the comfort of your own home. Call us and let us answer all your questions. (480) 999-7000

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