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How To Protect My Privacy with Home Care Giving

Health information privacy is a critical issue for everyone and especially so for those who are entrusting their care to others. About Care Home Care makes it a priority to ensure that our client’s privacy is respected. Contact us for more information about quality home care.
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How Cognitive Impairment Affects Fall Risk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-fourth of the American population aged 65 and older falls each year. It is mind-boggling to realize that every 11 seconds, somewhere an older person is arriving at an emergency room for treatment due to a fall. Nearly every 20 minutes, an older adult dies because he or she fell.
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protect privacy

Importance of In-Home Care

For some elderly individuals, moving out of their home and into assisted living or a nursing home is the healthiest and safest choice. For others, it may not be a cut and dried. In fact, in-home care may be the best option.
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Aging Parent

Remember those days when you were a teenager and you thought your parents just didn’t understand anything you were going through? Perhaps you have now been on the other side of that fence when your teens thought the same thing about you and unbeknownst to them, you had a much better understanding than they thought.
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Book Club Benefits Seniors

While streaming television shows have become wildly popular, those who opt for a book and company instead can reap many rewards. The experiencing of working through a book with other people can be richer and more fulfilling.
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Seniors’ Unmet Needs

According to gerontologists, the term "unmet needs" refers to the required help or care that is needed but not received. This can run the gamut from help with home maintenance to assist with maintaining health. It can include such things as assistance with finances, shopping, medications, and more.
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Communication and Dementia Care

The process can be slow and tedious taking twists and turns that can be frightening or alarming for both you and your loved one. What has been normal communication for decades begins to change and the new normal keeps changing.
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Assisted Living Placements Explained

I recently completed an assessment tool for a placement agency. I purposely checked each item that indicates no care is needed at this time. But guess what I apparently need to move into Independent or Assisted living. Amazing!
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Staying Healthy As You Age: 5 Steps to Look and Feel Your Best

Concerned about the side effects of aging? Want to look and feel your best until late in life? Then it's time to tweak your diet and make health a priority. Aging is a normal process.
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